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We buy gold, silver, jewelry, gift cards and other items....

Always Call Timothy's buys gold, platinum, silver and large diamonds. We pay you immediately for unwanted jewelry. The value of your unwanted jewelry is based on actual world market pricing.

diamond FAQ - We Buy Gold and Jewelry in Northern Colorado diamond

Q): How does your method for gold selling work?
A): Always Call Timothy's has a simple and convenient working pattern. Once we've talked about it, we setup an appointment – NOT at your home but somewhere at the public place: A coffee shop / your workplace etc. Which might be convenient to you. We do not visit your home due to some security reasons.

The entire process is amazingly transparent. You will sit across the table from me, witnessing everything I do. Feel free to ask questions as we proceed. I will explain every step of our transaction together. There are NO SECRETS!

Here is the process:

  • ACT brings a sensitive, digital jewelry scale, calibrated to 100% accuracy while you watch.
  • Your jewelry will be examined and sorted into respective piles of its purity i.e.10K, 14K, 18K gold, platinum, and silver. Each separate pile is then weighed and recorded. You will be paid for each individual precious metal that you are selling (without the unethical practice of lumping together the various gold types and calling the entire pile 10k gold, as some gold buyers are known to do).
  • Next I will show you the CURRENT SPOT PRICES of the precious metals that you are selling. You are always paid off of the CURRENT spot prices; that's as fair and honest as it gets!
  • The weights of your jewelry and the appropriate current spot prices are then entered into ACT's computer application which makes the price calculation easy; again we strive to pay more than other buyers in the area.
  • You are then immediately paid in CASH!

Q): How long does the process last?
A): The entire process might take approximately half an hour to 45 mins. This also depends on the quantities of jewelry you wish to sell.

Q): Will any other company's gold parties, "Weekend Only Gold Buyers" events at local hotels, or people that I have to ship my jewelry, REALLY pay me what it is worth?
A): NO. None of them will pay you the price equivalent to what your jewelry is truly worth. Since dealers make money through the difference in price of your valuables and the price they pay you.

Q): Why are they not able to pay me what you can pay me?
A): When we talk about such companies / stores, ONE THING that is common is the OVERHEADS that they have. They have a extremely high overheads – due to advertisements that they run. Television & Radio Ads have a high expnditure, Rents of Hotel Conference Rooms are high, Payrolls and other such expenses and bills.

Gold parties pay high premiums to the people hosting their gold parties. All of these overhead costs are recovered from the price they paid you for your jewelry items if you sell to them. Then there's the exorbitant profit that is often taken at your expense.

High overhead and excessive profit-taking combine to rob you of the inherent value of your jewelry. We've heard this situation described as "opportunism" at the expense of innocent people who only wish to be treated fairly.

But Always Call Timothy's have a different structure of working where these expenses are eliminated and for us “Customer Satisfaction” is the formost thing.

Q): How are you able to pay more than your competitors?
A): We have a VERY LOW OVERHEAD due to our innovative business model that enables Always Call Timothy's to pay the best price to our valued clients. We are quite content with earning a smaller profit margin as compared to our competitors.

Q): Are you a National Company?
A): No, we are not a national company but a local community member. We serve Denver metropolitan and Colorado areas and are a member of the BBB and we hold ourselves accountable to our neighbors.

Q): Where Are All the Gold Buyers Going?
A): You would have often come accross some signs like closed signs on windows, a few less sign twirlers, some signs asking “Call to Make an appointment”, while passing by through the storefront of gold / silver buyers. Have you ever thought about what is actually going on?

Since Jan, 2012: the storefront range has been overwhelmed with no less than 50 Gold Buying storefronts from 4 different out-of-state chains. These chains are neither a member of BBB (Better Business Bureau) nor they are a member of any local community.

2012 was a year where there was a huge supply of scrap gold from individuals to these buyers as comapred to the past 4 – 5 years. This created the concept of “get rich quick” gold buying stores. These storefronts have a great overhead cost and they are bound to pay about $150 - $250 less than the actual price of your valuables and this margin even includes their own profits. Since these businesses are so expensive to run, if they don’t pay unreasonably low prices for gold, silver, and platinum they can’t make enough money to stay in business.

The market has responded by staying away from these operations, and storefront gold buyers are now closing numerous locations as they experience enormous financial losses. Expect further closings between now and January 2018 as the latest incarnation of gold buyers continue to suffer heavy losses.

Contrast them to Always Call Timothy's:The best news is that Timothy's is still thriving after 20 years in the gold buying business. We keep our overhead low, so we can continue paying generously for our clients’ scrap gold, silver, and platinum, as well as top dollar for coins and bullion.

Please call us and experience The Timothy's difference for yourself!

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Serving Fort Collins, CO | Loveland, CO | Greeley, CO | Windsor, CO | Boulder, CO | Cheyenne, WY and the surrounding communities.
Get on the spot cash offer for loose diamonds, scrap gold, silver, platinum, bullions, coins, old jewelry and more. We even buy luxury watches at our location in Ft Collins, CO. Call (970) 567-4325 to schedule an appointment and experience how Always Call Timothys can make a difference.
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