Revealing Discoveries of Unique Gold Coin from Byzantine Bulgarian Fortress


Byzantine gold coin from the time of the reign of Emperor Phocus (Credit: BNT)

A unique Byzantine gold coin dating back to Emperor Phocas’ reign (602-610 AD) was uncovered during excavation works at Rusokastro Fortress, which is located on a hill near Zhelyazovo village, in Burgas district in southeastern Bulgaria.

What more important is that its the first and only coin ever which was recently discovered in the region since the time of Emperor Phocas’s reign. Milen Nikolov, Director of the History Museum in Bourgas and director of the excavations told, “The gold Early Byzantine coins are two types – tremissis and solid, and the latest find was a solid coin. It weighs four and a half grams and is the biggest denomination in the Byzantine coinage.”