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First Time Seller?

If you want to ensure you'll get the HIGHEST price on your valuables, these TIPS won't let you down:
  • NEVER just drop off your jewelry. Always have your items separated by karat and weighed in front of you.
  • Even if you want to get a quote from the most reputable jeweler you know, make us your 2nd stop and you'll see the difference - you'll be amazed!
  • If you walk into an establishment and get an UNEASY FEELING, trust your instincts and LEAVE.
  • NEVER sell your valuables to a KIOSK, ROAD SHOW, or any other TEMPORARY, FLY BY NIGHT OPERATION.
  • Watch out for gimmicks - if someone says they are paying 20% higher - just remember - they are likely paying 50% lower to begin with.
  • AND PLEASE, NEVER mail in your jewelry!

We hope you sell to us, but even if you don't, these TIPS won't let you down!

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Get on the spot cash offer for loose diamonds, scrap gold, silver, platinum, bullions, coins, old jewelry and more. We even buy luxury watches at our location in Ft Collins, CO. Call (970) 567-4325 to schedule an appointment and experience how Always Call Timothys can make a difference.
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